How to Use Licensing To Turn Carbon Credits into Royalty Revenue

Licensing is one of the most flexible strategies for generating revenues with IP. A big part of its flexibility is the different ways of creating licensing deals. One example is royalty calculations and payments. Most often, this is based on income from sales revenues. But one size doesn’t always fit […]

3 Big Negotiating Mistakes That Cost You Royalty Revenues

Getting paid is one of the essential terms in a licensing agreement. Negotiating the right royalty rate makes the difference between generating income and creating a fortune. One of my clients discovered this the hard way. After they signed their licensing deal, they realized the royalty rate was too low. […]

How to Use an IP Valuation to Get the Highest Royalty Rate

The royalty rate is the price a licensing partner is willing to pay for your intellectual property rights. Calculating it is just as important as determining the royalty rate amount. The more critical or significant your IP is to revenue and profitability, the higher the royalty rate. But that’s not […]