How to Setup and Manage an IP Offshoring Licensing Strategy

Offshoring your intellectual property (IP) can offer compelling benefits such as tax savings, increased confidentiality, and greater capital flexibility. However, it also demands careful planning and consideration. Here’s a concise guide to help you understand how to set up an IP offshore company, manage licensing, and choose the best locations […]

Convertible Royalty Notes – How to Fund Your Startup Through Licensing Revenue

In today’s competitive business landscape, startups continually explore innovative funding mechanisms to fuel their growth and expansion. One such strategy that garnered attention is converting royalty notes through licensing revenue. This approach provides immediate financial support and aligns the interests of investors and startups for long-term success. Understanding Convertible Royalty […]

The Next Step in Business Evolution: Leveraging IP Assets Beyond the “Make and Sell” Model

In an era where innovation reigns, and intellectual property (IP) is often more valuable than physical assets, the “Make and Sell” mentality can be a significant bottleneck for business growth. For entrepreneurs and small business owners, understanding the true potential of IP assets is not just an afterthought but a […]

Licensing as a Competitive Strategy for Small Businesses and Startups

In the intricate dance of commercial competition, where every small business and startup seeks solid footing, the notion of licensing often emerges as an underutilized strategic asset. It may seem like a tale fit for the conglomerates, but expertly harnessed licensing strategies can significantly empower the smaller players in the […]

Discover the Power of IP Linking and Licensing

Discover the power of IP linking, a strategy companies use to bolster their protection and gain a competitive edge. In a nutshell, IP linking combines your products and services with your intellectual property (IP) in various ways. Consider the example of a patented phone wrapped in a trademarked brand like […]

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