Consulting Group is pleased to announce the Tala Finger is now for licensing. The -pending design immobilizes and straightens injured fingers, preventing hyperextension and dislocation. It also provides movement and mobility so the hand can continue to function normally.

The Tala Finger Splint helps prevent and heal injuries while enabling air to circulate the area, providing complete security, breathability, and movement. Tala is waterproof, durable, comfortable, and is easy to get on/off, unlike typical finger splints that are bulky, not waterproof, and smell when they get wet.

The splint features an ABS Substrate for durability and stability, airflow vents for ventilation, chemically bonded Santoprene for a better seal, washable, and long lifespan. Furthermore, the 2-degree tapered fit conforms to the fingers for the most secure and comfortable fit.

Licensing Consulting Group recognizes that the market for breakthrough medical products is rising. They are offering this exceptional Class 1 medical device for licensing, knowing that the increase in the frequency of finger injuries has resulted in a demand for more comfort, flexibility, and better fit. Similarly, recent improvements in arthroplasty and the introduction of innovative treatments to address long-term residual pain stiffness, early degenerative arthritis, and deformity will boost the finger splint market in the coming years.

Its versatility makes the Tala Finger Splint a welcome alternative to the standard splint. This finger splint is effective for all types of finger injuries, from post-op surgery to broken fingers to sprained or jammed fingers to cuts and arthritis. Its durability and compact size are ideal for today’s active lifestyle, whether playing sports, riding trails, or working out. And its design is easy to customize with different colors and looks, making it cool and fun to wear.

Not only is the Tala Finger Splint a welcomed innovation, but it’s also receiving accolades and rave reviews from the medical device industry – “Great idea – never seen anything like it!” Kal Medical Supplies of Salt Lake City (MedTrade West” – Phoenix July 2021).

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