Are you tired of dealing with portable coolers that lack durability, are not waterproof, and fail to meet your personal needs? If so, meet the Vault Pack Waterproof Insulated Backpack Cooler – your ultimate portable cooler solution! This innovative portable cooler system stores and organizes perishable items while maintaining a low-temperature environment.

Patented Customizable Compartments

The first benefit of the Vault Pack is its patented portable cooler system. This system includes three stacked compartments, two designed to store perishable items, while the middle compartment stores an ice pack. This enables you to keep your food at the right temperature and keeps it fresh for longer. Moreover, the Vault Pack allows you to regulate the temperature of the compartments by inserting an ice pack or heating pack into the middle compartment.

Durable Interior Design

Next, the Vault Pack’s honeycomb compartment design is another added advantage. The honeycomb structure is incredibly strong and can withstand over 1200 lbs. of force without any damage, ensuring your items stay safe while moving. The Vault Pack also features airtight seals that keep dust and dirt out, making it an ideal solution for outdoor activities. This makes the Vault Pack perfect for camping trips, hiking adventures, and other outdoor activities where you need to keep your food and drinks cool and dry.

External Insulated Backpack

Moreover, the Vault Pack is fully customizable to meet your needs. It has a carrying case with numerous pockets for storing other items, such as electronic devices, notebooks, and writing utensils. Additionally, the carrying case comes with adjustable shoulder straps, carabiners, buckles, and other means of transporting it comfortably. Therefore, it provides a perfect solution for those who want to keep their valuable items safe while enjoying the outdoors.

Now Available for Licensing

The Vault Pack Waterproof Insulated Backpack Cooler is an absolute must-have for anyone looking for a durable, waterproof, and customizable portable cooler solution. Its patented organizable system, honeycomb compartment design, airtight seals, and customizable backpack accessory pockets make it the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hikers, and anyone who wants to enjoy cool food and drinks wherever they go.

The Vault Pack is now available for licensing. Please contact Licensing Consulting Group for more details about the Vault Pack and licensing options.


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