A unique licensing opportunity is now available to medical device companies for a patented improvement to their current LVAD devices.

Developed by Inventor Dr. Peter DeSilva et al., the patent, granted in May 2019, covers a dual-motor LVAD product designed to improve patient outcomes significantly. “Our goal is to provide patients a better outcome with LVADs with improved survival and lower complication rates using our patented dual-motor design.”

This product improvement is achieved by adding a second motor to the current LVAD product, resulting in enhanced stability and superior performance compared to traditional single-motor designs. Studies have confirmed that running two lower-speed motors in a series causes less blood trauma, potentially improving patient outcomes.

The patent covers the licensing partner’s current LVAD medical device, enabling them to integrate the dual motor design and conduct tests to confirm and validate its efficacy.

This advanced design allows for improved control over blood flow while significantly reducing the risk factors associated with clotting or hemolysis, resulting in improved survival and lower complication rates for patients with LVADs. Lowering the need for anticoagulants can lower the risk of hemorrhage.

As such, this unique licensing opportunity offers medical device companies a chance to advance their LVAD devices further, secure a new patent for their current device, and improve patient care.

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