Whether in the form of a webcast, podcast, or YouTube video, digital media offers great vehicles for marketing your intellectual property licensing opportunity. The key is figuring out which form or combination of forms best suits your IP.

Digital media helps bring the intellectual property to life as opposed to a one or two page data sheet with an image or two. A well-done video and/or audio makes it a dynamic presentation and helps the audience understand how the IP works.

Potential licensees can get more details, see the IP ‘in action,’ and hear directly from the IP owner, allowing them to quickly determine if the IP fits their needs. In addition, digital media is a cost-effective method of IP marketing. A short five-minute video can save you hours on the phone with potential licensees explaining the IP.

Figuring out whether to present your intellectual property through audio (podcast), video, or both (webcast) depends on the IP. For example, video is great for IP that requires physical demonstrations, such as a new product or software.

The IP must be in a prototype stage and have something tangible to show. If the IP is in its early development stage, and there is nothing tangible to show, then audio (podcast) would be a better format. This format let’s you present the IP and how it fills a valuable need or offers a solution for an industry or market.

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