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Licensing is a marketing strategy that all inventors, entrepreneurs, established businesses and emerging start-ups should consider in today’s challenging economy. This webinar will discuss 7 key benefits of licensing and how you can use those benefits to create new money making opportunities in today’s marketplace.  During this webinar, we’ll discuss the 7 Key Benefits of Licensing including:

  1. Launch New Products – The Fast Track to Retail
  2. Expand Your Reach – Tap New Markets
  3. Poor Man’s Advertising – Riding the Coattails
  4. Test New Products – Using Other Peoples Resources (OPR)
  5. Create New Revenue – Leveraging Licensing Partners
  6. Increase Brand Equity –  Build Brand Value
  7. Gain a Competitive Advantage- Profit from Proprietary Rights

Understanding these benefits will give you the information and insight on how and why licensing is one of  your best marketing strategies for quickly tapping new markets, reaching new customers and creating new revenue sources.