Every industry is feeling the impact of COVID-19 and in particular, healthcare is one of the most impacted industries. COVID-19 has put the MedTech industry at center stage. The pandemic is forcing healthcare to quickly adopt remote services for consumers. From disease detection, diagnostics, and treatment, to remote home care, Companies of all sizes are quickly developing new technologies, updating their current technologies, or scrambling to find outside innovation to meet this immense market demand.

But many large companies and government agencies can’t move fast enough to develop the innovation required. That’s why they are turning to partnerships with startups to fill the gaps in their product pipelines. Speed to market is now the priority and finding COVID solutions that are faster, cheaper, and high-quality market-ready technologies are their focus.

Companies outside the healthcare market are also switching part of their production to meet the demand for critical products such as ventilators. The sudden and urgent need for these has meant that other industries, including automotive and major electronics manufacturers such as Tesla, Ford, GM, Dyson, and Apple, have stepped up to fill the demand for medical devices. And some of these consumer companies are using this opportunity to quickly enter the medical device market for the long run. Since they don’t have their own medical technology, they are using licensing to acquire it.

Now is the time to make licensing part of your go-to-market strategy. The healthcare industry is more complex and competitive than its ever been. Starting and growing a med-tech business in this environment is even more challenging especially when it comes to raising capital. And the skyrocketing demand for innovation, especially COVID related is sending many of the largest medical device companies scrambling to find devices to fill their product pipelines. That’s why it’s an ideal strategy for this pandemic driven market. Partnering with a larger company that has the production, distribution, and sales resources already in place means they can quickly enter the marketplace and capitalize on your technology. And that is creating a tremendous licensing opportunity for startups in the Medtech space.

This is just one of many ways you can use licensing to capitalize on the pandemic driven healthcare marketplace. And the best place to learn about more licensing strategies is at the upcoming Medtech Monday Virtual Conference on August 3rd. I’ll be speaking about licensing and different ways to use it as part of your go-to-market strategy. You’ll also hear from a lineup of industry experts in a series of focused presentations, panels, and workshop sessions. Relevant, timely and critical topics spanning changing regulatory environment, patient and payer trends, compliance manufacturing, emerging trends in the health care market, the latest in MedTech startup innovations, and more, will be explored during this one day conference.

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