April 26th was World Intellectual Property Day. If you’re not familiar with World Intellectual Property Day, it’s a global event that celebrates the achievements that IP and innovation create in the world around us. This year, it focused on IP in the sports industry, and the importance of IP to the growth and expansion of sports around the world.

And on May 7th, another global IP event is taking place. World MedTech Day celebrates IP and innovation in the MedTech industry. World MedTech Day will bring industry leaders, investors, businesses, entrepreneurs and startups in the Medtech industry together with others from around the globe to connect and share ideas and new business opportunities.

Medtech has no boundaries. It’s a multi-billion dollar marketplace that spans the globe. And new innovations and technologies are flowing in from all over the world as the industry undergoes rapid changes in patient care, legal and regulatory environment. Medical technology and life sciences companies of all sizes are creating new and effective devices and technologies to meet the global health care needs of the population. From China to Africa, South East Asia to India, Europe to North and South America, MedTech IP and innovation is pouring into the world, all designed to create a more personalized and efficient medical health care system tailored to each individual patient.

Medtech companies and entrepreneurs are developing the technologies to deliver high-quality health care when and where the consumer wants it, not just in a traditional office or hospital setting. They are also creating new business models for customers, payers, and patients who want new technologies and devices that deliver individualized solutions to their specific health care needs. The end goal is to create a health care system that delivers better quality care at a lower cost with increased access for patients around the world.

In today’s globally connected world, your MedTech company must be part of the global health care industry. But staying ahead of the curve and seeing where the industry is going, spotting the best opportunities, and figuring out what strategy to use is challenging, especially on a global level. If you’re in the MedTech space, whether you’re an operating business, startup or inventor with new technology, World MedTech Day is your opportunity to meet, connect and become part of the MedTech global community. It will be a one-of-a-kind invaluable event for medical device and technology companies of all sizes.

World MedTech Day will be live streamed to countries around the world. It will feature the latest medical device innovation, insights into where the industry is going, startup presentations and discussions with industry leaders. I’ll be speaking about MedTech licensing and how you can use it to partner and open up new global market places for your medical device or technology.

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No matter where you are in the world today, intellectual property and innovation are the foundation of all businesses and economies. And in the medical and health care space, the rapid pace of new innovation is coming from companies around the world in response to the growing demand for new therapies and devices to meet the health care needs of the world population.

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