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Licensing Strategies for Latin America

About The Workshop

Latin America is now a fast-growing region, hungry for innovative IP, that is generating billions of dollars in licensing revenues.

Joining me for the workshop is José Roberto Herrera, a partner at the IP law firm of Herrera Diaz Abogados located in Bogota, Colombia.

During this workshop, you’ll find out about the licensing opportunities in Latin America, how to protect and manage IP in Latin America, licensing agreements and what to watch out for, how to work with Latin America licensing partners, and more.

Licensing is a fluid process, and it moves intellectual property around the globe to find the optimum money-making opportunities. The Internet enables anybody to license anywhere in the world without having to travel physically. That’s why you must think globally when licensing your intellectual property.

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What Will Be Covered

  • IP Licensing in Latin America
  • How to Protect IP in Latin America
  • Overview of Key IP Laws in LA
  • Legal Agreements and What to Watch Out For
  • Working with a Local Legal Expert
  • Regulated Contract Terms
  • Using the Right Type of Licensing Agreement
  • Tips for Qualifying a LA Licensing Partner
  • Importance of QC Clauses in LA Licensing Agreements
  • How to Find LA Licensing Partners
  • Tips for Managing Your Licensing Program
  • And More