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Licensing Strategies to Survive
and Thrive in a Down Economy

About The Workshop

Major upheavals and changes to markets and the economy are opportunities for innovation and growth. Regardless of how big the economic calamity, history shows there are always entrepreneurs who see the opportunities, and businesses who rethink their business model in order to survive and thrive in rough economic times.

It doesn’t matter what kind of IP your business has – med tech, bio tech, fin tech, clean tech, software, IT, products, brands, professional knowhow, business systems, and more – it’s an asset that can keep your business “open for business”.

Sign up today for this free on line workshop and find out how to use your intellectual property and licensing to survive and thrive in this challenging economic marketplace.

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What Will Be Covered

  • Why IP is a Resilient Asset in Economic Downturns
  • 3 Ways IP Helps Reduce the Impact of an Economic Crises on Your Business
  • Why Businesses with IP Have Higher Survival Rates During an Economic Downturn
  • Why Spending More On IP Will Make Your Business Standout in a Down Economy
  • How an IP Audit Will Increase Your Business Value and Licensing Opportunities
  • How to use Licensing to Shift Your Business Model
  • How to use Licensing to  Capitalize on New Revenue Opportunities
  • How to Use Licensing to Convert Your Product into a Service
  • How to Use IP Linking to Reduce Legal Costs, Increase Your IP Protection, and Extend Your Licensing Deals
  • How to Pool Your IP With Others to Create Bigger Licensing Opportunities
  • How to Turn Your IP into a Technology Platform and License Others to Build Upon It
  • How to Use Licensing to Recession-Proof Your Business
  • How to Use Licensing to Quickly Adapt to Changing Market Conditions
  • How to Use IP and Licensing to Fund Your Business

Customers reviews

What people say?

This workshop was absolutely amazing and eye opening. Im in the process of creating an IP for my startup company and would be awesome if I could use your services once we are operating. Definitely a lot to digest, but great content nonetheless. Thank you again for you insight and look forward to using your services in the future. Have a great day Rand!!
Demarr Ward
Founder BH Fashion and Clothing Co., LLC

Presented By

Rand Brenner
Licensing Consulting Group

Rand Brenner is President and CEO of Licensing Consulting Group, an IP consultancy and licensing firm specializing in specializing in assisting clients in Strategic Consulting, Licensing Management and IP Due Diligence.  He has an extensive career as both licensee and licensor, and has developed licensing programs for several Hollywood blockbusters including the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Batman. Rand is also a professional speaker on licensing, and has presented at numerous business events, conferences and trade shows. His latest book, Hidden Wealth: The Money Making Power of Licensing was published in 2019. Rand has written several articles on intellectual property licensing that have appeared in the Licensing Journal and Intellectual Property Magazine.